March 28, 2014

Life Lessons...

Over the years I have grown, learned a lot, and have matured....

I used to believe that I am in control of things. I thought I was brave but reality is that I was not...and I'm still not. I am weak and feeble and I am afraid that someday I will break down into pieces. Sometimes you are not supposed to share pain. In my opinion, sometimes it's best to go through pain alone. You come back much stronger than you were originally.

I have compassion for people. I trust too easily. I try to see the good in everyone. I don't like hurting people. I live a quiet life. I am highly opinionated. Can be argumentative sometimes. Very competitive - not a fan of loosing. I tend to over-analyze things. Success is my motivation to get up and get it done. I love unconditionally because I am loved unconditionally.

I hold grudges (a major setback of mine). But I am slowly learning to forgive and let go. I have to remind myself that I'm not perfect either. So who am I to not forgive and just let go? No one in this world is perfect. We are humans, we have flaws. And it's nothing to be ashamed of. God is the only judge of me and I aim to please Him.

I want to live a good life with less regrets as possible. If you fail at one thing it does not mean that you're going to fail at everything else. You live and you learn. I am determined to not get stressed out about the mistakes I have made. I'd rather take them in stride and learn from them. From each mistake spawns a lesson.

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