June 17, 2013

Black and White: Series 1


Hello ladies,

Are you dolls ready for black and white? Well, brace yourself as the two color duo is the new fashion trend for 2013. Last year it was all about color blocking. This year you will be seeing a lot of contrasting black and white outfit ensembles. I am totally fine with this trend because black is my all time favorite color, and I am more than happy to spice it up with some white.

With that said, in honor of black and white, I am dedicating this entire week to the new trend. What this means is that I will post daily black and white outfit ensembles. Everyday will be a new black and white look until the end of the week. 

Let the countdown begin.......

Thanks for stopping by!

 Make sure you check out series 2 of my black/white looks :))


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