May 14, 2013

The Ankara Craze!

Hello my fashionistas,

I am excited about today's post! I decided to do a style look on the Ankara craze that's been going on lately! For those of who not familiar with Ankara, here's a little enlightenment for you: 
What is Ankara? - This is a type of African print material with vibrant patterns of very rich colorful designs made of 100% cotton. The material has historically been worn by people from most West African countries - The Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, to name a few. In Gambia and Senegal the material is called "wax" and has been worn for generations. Born in Gambia, I grew up with it and have always loved it. Back then it was not really a hot commodity. Before its trendiness people preferred to wear other more expensive fabrics, such as Lace, over wearing Ankara. The Ankara print was more of an everyday wear, especially worn by domestic staff and often times used for "ashobi"(this is a phrase for family clothing, used for special occasions such as weddings where family members and close friends wear the same fabric to show they belong to the family of the bride/groom). 

Alas, the trend has changed! Lately it seems like everywhere we turn its Ankara, Ankara, and even more Ankara!! It seems as if an Ankara volcano has erupted and taken over the fashion world! Designers and Celebs love Ankara. They glorify it! Celebrities such as Beyonce, Fergie (from black eyed peas), Solange Knowles, and even the First Lady herself, Michele Obama, have all been seen wearing Ankara prints. 

I believe one of the reasons why Ankara is so marveled at now is because of the different styles that has evolved around it. Ankara is now worn in a more trendy and stylish way than before. People have now started paying much more attention and have become more creative in designing amazing and gorgeous Ankara styles.  

Check out some of the celebrities below who have been rocking some fabulous Ankara styles....

Solange the dress on her!

Beyonce on vacation with Jay Z wearing Ankara!

Kim Kardashian looks very stylish in this cute Ankara print dress

Michelle Obama - I'm not feeling this ankara print dress on her. It does not accentuate her curves at all....looks too baggy

I also love how the cloth is now used to make so many different things, from shoes, handbags, to jewelries.

Ankara nails? You bet! 
check out the tumblr for more inspiring nail designs:


Designers such as Vlisco have also joined in on the Ankara craze by coming up with different, trendy and versatile Ankara styles. Check out some of their exquisite designs, courtesy of

Luv 'em styles huh? Can't get enough? Want to see more? visit Vlisco's lookbook at for more style inspirations.

Who would have thought that the colorful material we Africans took for granted would be seen in fashion runways and catwalks? It is interesting how much we take for granted that which is our own, until the West says its good. This should remind us Africans about how special the African textile is and how we should embrace what is indigenous to us.

Until then, thanks for stopping by!!

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