January 12, 2013

Sweater + Sequin

Happy Happy New Year to you all!!!

After a short hiatus I'm happy to announce that my style outfit post is back. I'm sorry that it's been a little bit quiet around my neck of woods, but I promise I would be adding more blog posts and fashion looks on a more frequent basis. 

I have been away on a much needed vacation with the family, and although I've returned back to the grind (work), my mind is definitely still on vacation. We spent 1 week in Senegal followed by 2 weeks in Gambia - socializing, fine dining, and spending quality time with friends and family. I will be posting pictures of our trip in another blog post.

Now, on to today's look...in this outfit I am wearing a striking neon sweater paired with a sequin mini skirt. This look is so cozy and stylish. I decided to add some pearls to add some chic to the outfit. Neon, sequin, and pearls and I managed to pull it off without looking overly done.

           One Sweater, two outfits

2013 is here and we're still alive! Looking back there has been a number of world highlights which made 2012 a memorable year. A few of those events that made it memorable for me include President Obama's re-election, London Olympic Games, the shocking death of Whitney Houston, the Dana Plane crash in Nigeria,  Pop culture phenomenon Gangnam Style hitting 1 million YouTube views, the world was to end on 12-21-12, but we survived!......

Farewell to 2012. I hope this new year will bring you all wonderful people happiness, good health, and success in all that your heart desires.

What I'm wearing:
Sweater: Forever21
Sequin Skirt: Marshalls
Boots: Charlotte Russe / Forever21

Thanks for stopping by :))


  1. L-OVE the look doll. Don't be surprised if you see me in som'n like it :)

  2. Go right ahead my dear. You are more than welcome. I'm glad it has inspired you :)

  3. ..and I am absolutely positively sure it'll look great on you with your banging figure!


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