January 24, 2013

LOOK OF THE DAY: Red, Black, and White

Hello everyone,

Flu season is the word of the day. I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far. It's been a busy and rough week for me at work. Almost everyone at work is out sick with the flu. This year's flu season is crazy! More severe cases of the flu virus has been reported, and hospitals and clinics are filled to capacity with people suffering from flu symptoms.

I am very leery of vaccinations so I NEVER get flu shots. I have never had the flu before.....who knows whether not taking the vaccinations has helped or hurt me....but I have a fab track record. The alarming reports of the flu virus, however, is giving me jitters. Thus, I am doing everything I possibly can to avoid falling prey to the virus. 

I absolutely love today's outfit color combo - red, black, and white. The whole ensemble just works so well together! I love wearing blazers with almost everything. The reason is because a blazer helps turn anything - a casual outfit or a formal dress - into a more chic and classy style. This look can easily be achieved. All you need is a pair of your favorite white or cream blazer, a black top, and a pair of sleek red pencil skirt to pull it off. A pair of comfortable slingback sandals complimented the outfit incredibly well!

I hope you have been inspired by this look and hopefully will incorporate it into your wardrobe style collection. 

I wish everyone out there who has been hit by the flu a speedy recovery back to full health!

Thank you for stopping by :)) 

What I'm Wearing:
1. White Blazer: F21 (similar)
2. Black Top: from my closet
3. Red Skirt: F21, old
4. Slingback Sandals: Jennifer Lopez via DSW
5. Bag: Iman

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