January 14, 2013

Golden Globes Award 2013

The 2013 Golden Globe awards aired on Sunday night hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The celebs really brought their A-game for this year's golden globes. I had a hard time narrowing it down to just a few favorites, so I'm listing all my favorite gowns worn by these fabulous and gorgeous women. These ladies made me swoon with their designer gowns. I absolutely love them all!
The red carpet was filled with sexy see-through looks, brightly hued gowns, and mermaids. 

        Kerry Washington      

            Eva Longoria  

          Jennifer Lopez     

    Jessica Alba    

     Lea Michelle     

       Nicole Richie     

    Miranda Kerr    

     Anne Hathaway    

     Saray Hyland     

 Halle’s didn’t really do it for me
     Halle Berry   

  Jennifer Lawrence 

   Sofia Vergara  

    Emily Blunt   

    Heidi Klum   

      Salma Hayek   

   Amanda Seyfried  

    Megan Fox  

    Amy Adams  
    Isla Fischer  

     Julianne Moore  

    Hayden Panettiere  

    Alyssa Milano  

So, which gown was your favorite?

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