November 24, 2012

FOTD: Neutral Face & Nude Lips

Hello my lovelies,
Whilst everyone is out and about shopping on Black Friday, I'm at home playing with makeup. I mentioned in a previous post about signing up for MAC makeup classes to brush up my makeup skills. Well, makeup 101 training is now complete and I cannot wait to sign up for the advanced class. So to keep my training skills intact and sharpen my newfound skills, I play with makeup when I'm bored and got nothing else to do.
Here are some pics I took with my phone camera. This look features a neutral face with nude lips. I used a combination of MAC, Color U Cosmetics, and Revlon products.

I was a little hesitant at first about using a nude lipstick because I wasn't sure how it will turn out. A nude lip is sometimes hard to achieve on women of color because our lips are naturally darker. Thus to achieve a subtle nude lip, I applied a little bit of foundation on my lips before putting on the lipstick. This helps to make them appear lighter.

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving in the warm company of friends and family. This is a perfect time to stop for a moment and remember to give thanks to the Almighty for all that he has provided to us.
Stay blessed everyone xoxo. Thanks for stopping by!

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