November 8, 2012

Face of Fashion4Africa 2012 in The Gambia - Open for Entries

Where are the aspiring models out there? Great opportunity awaits you ladies and gents!!!

I came across this event the other day and wanted to share and spread the word.
The face of Fashion4Africa 2012 will be taking place in The Gambia, known as the smiling coast of West Africa on Saturday 22nd December 2012 at the 5* luxury Kairaba Beach Hotel in Senegambia. The Fashion4Africa showcase is a fundraising initiative that was inspired by a cultural study into African tourism, which helped to identify the amazing potential within the modern African textiles industries, African fashion, culture music and arts from all states of the continent. For more information about Fashion4Africa you can visit them on their website at

Here are the entry details:

- To enter you must be male or female an African national or first, second or third generation African origin
- Between 5ft4 to 5ft10 (females); 6ft to 7ft (males)
- Be available in The Gambia from 7th December to 24th December 2012
- Be available for training full time from Saturday 15th December til 22nd December 2012
- Be fit and healthy as training days will be very long

If your answered yes to those 5 basic requirements please email or log onto Face of Fashion4africa FB (Facebook), to register your interest with head shots.

For your commitment the lucky winner will have a signed contract to play an ambassadorial role as a representative of African beauty throughout Africa and beyond. They will walk away with a photoshoot with Fashion and beauty photographer Karl lake reknown for working with 50 Cents and music mogul Damon Dash, a one year cover boy/girl with Beauty In Business, entry to Top Model of Colour London 2013, and the opportunity to catwalk  at London Fashion week 2013 by Fashion Finest to date.

If you are interested visit fashion4Africa at

Good luck to all applicants!

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