October 27, 2012

The Chambray Shirt

Hey y'all
I apologize for the poor quality pictures. My camera decided to stop working and not cooperate with me. But I felt super cute today with this look and had to showcase it.  So I took pictures regardless of the camera acting up.....so long as the shots come out o.k.

Y'all remember the denim shirt (chambray shirt), like 15 years ago? Well guess what, they're back! This just shows how cyclical fashion is. It keeps repeating itself. Makes me want to start putting old clothes in the back of my closet or put them away for storage so I can pull them out again when they get back in style, lol.  The 80's have been making a fashion comeback lately. Leggings, boy-cut blazers, bright neon color combos, mixing of patterns....to name a few. 
 I've been seeing a lot of chambray shirts almost everywhere. And honestly, I am liking them. The more I see them on other people, the cuter I think they get. I like how it can be paired with anything, from jeans, skirts, dresses, to layering it with different clothes to create a chic look.

 I decided to pair my chambray shirt with bold pants for an easy, chic look.

Hope you guys like the look :)

I have no qualms buying some more chambray shirts because they are so comfortable and are such a great wardrobe staple.

Have you joined the chambray shirt bandwagon yet?

Thanks for stopping by xoxo

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